Sofia Maria Hayat Image Credit: GR8! TV
Sofia Maria Hayat Image Credit: GR8! TV

Sofia Maria Hayat

Actress turned nun Sofia Maria Hayat who recently posed pic of her and Romanian interior designer fiancé Vlad Stanescu in inner wear has claimed to been proposition by some high people in Indian governments and industries for high paid sex.

“ Many actresses do it.. I never have and will because I believe in unconditional love which most expensive and rare .”She refused to name them saying " I cant... one is married..the other a GOVT official”

She then turned her attention to Indian media which has again created a kind of abuzz around her above picture . “ For some reason they love me., I must live truthful .”She went on, “ Indians see sex as something bad and Media has portrayed it only as sexual.. Rather It is very sacred. Me and Vlad enter realms beyond this world when intimate. We enter the realm of souls...we see ourselves in the heavens with the gods..We enter the state of ecstatic love. The same energy used to create the universe..the same energy used to create each and every human. And yet these idiots make that energy and sacred Sexuality into something dirty. We then address the main question that most in India have how come she can have sex when she is a nun?“ A nun is celibate in Christian and other religious organizations,but I have never belonged to any was my organisation and the rules for being a spiritual nun under my Temple..the Temple of Awakening is to live your day in truth each day .. I was I'm in a sacred divine relationship . Celibacy can lead to the path of knowing and purity,.but sacred love making lead you to truth divinity..GOD

GODDESS ONENESS. Vlad who is a interior designer was celibate for 3 y

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