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Ultimate Performers Image Credit: Model Airplane News
Ultimate Performers Image Credit: Model Airplane News

Ultimate Performers

AWE-inspiring Giant-scale Rc Aircraft

Gerry Yarrish

There’s really nothing more inspirational than to see a really big RC scale model take flight. Over the years, the term “big” has continued to evolve from meaning anything bigger than 6 feet in span to today’s truly amazing colossal showstoppers. Whether they are powered by a gas engine spinning a propeller or a true jet-age turbine engine, gigantic RC aircraft are a treat for the eyes and ears.

We checked in with several of our RC buddies and contributors, who have provided some amazing RC models in this showcase of the truly large. We think you will agree that these monsters are awe-inspiring.

Ali Machinchy | Me 262 Swallow

When it comes to giant-scale RC aircraft, it is hard to beat some of the amazing and gigantic aircraft that Ali Machinchy has flown. One of the more impressive ones has to be this 1/3-scale Messerschmitt Me 262 Swallow, powered by twin 50-pound-thrust turbine engines. With a wingspan of 181 inches (15 feet), the Me 262 weighs in at 100 pounds. With more than enough engine thrust, this amazing WW II Luftwaffe jet fighter has impressive flight performance. The Me 262 was scratch-built as a “one-off” design built by John Greenfield in the United Kingdom. Ali purchased it, had it refinished, then went on to fly it for a number of years

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