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90 Years Of Flying Passion Image Credit: Model Airplane News
90 Years Of Flying Passion Image Credit: Model Airplane News

90 Years Of Flying Passion

As Model Airplane News closes in on the century mark, passion continues to run deep here at Air Age about the fascinating world of flight. We are proud of our storied history and have now joined the elite ranks of the few magazine brands that can boast this success and longevity.

Louis V. Defrancesco Jr.

Model Airplane News grew out of the Golden Age of Flight during the late 1920s, when record-setting pilots and radical new designs inspired a young generation to create its own model winged adventures. The first issue costs just 15 cents, and basic stick & tissue airplane kits started at 35 cents and up to a few dollars.

Fast-forward nine decades and today’s enthusiasts can reward their flight passion with amazing advancements in technology and virtually no barriers to entry thanks to exciting innovations, including onboard stabilization systems that can compensate for pilot error and wind to maintain level flight, super lightweight materials, advanced power and battery systems that allow for extra-long flying duration, outof-the-box super-scale detail, spread spectrum 2.4GHz radio modulation for immediate flying and no frequency hassle, real turbine engines, and much more.

That first issue also included full-size plans to build a 3-foot-span, rubber powered Ford Trimotor monoplane, and we continue to celebrate that tradition with our photo-illustrated annual Plans Guide, which features 132 of your all-time favorite designs. Would you believe we have amassed more than 700 plans, created by some of the world’s top aeronautical engineers, designers, craftsmen, and modelers of the 20th century? From giant-scale warbirds and electric sport fliers to pattern ships, you can bet you'll find your ideal building project here.

Model Airplane New

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