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Attorney Entrepreneur Technology Image Credit: Black Enterprise
Attorney Entrepreneur Technology Image Credit: Black Enterprise

A Win-Win Technology Solution For Attorneys And People Seeking Legal Counsel

In 2015, James Jones Jr., ESQ. and Kristina Jones, co-founders of Court Buddy, were finalists in the black enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit Elevator Pitch Competition.

Lydia Blanco

Fast-forward four years later, they are being recognized with the TCX Tech Business of the Year Award for the groundbreaking access that they been able to create for people seeking legal counsel. Court Buddy is a legal tech company that instantly matches people with solo lawyers to receive a-la-carte legal services at flat rates based on their budget.

“Court Buddy is helping that middle ground by making it affordable and by disrupting the legal market business model and making it so that people can access it through flat rates and bundle [services] like single court appearances and single document drafting, single mediations—just making it so that now consumers have the ability to have transparency and predictability when it comes to legal, which wasn’t possible before,” says Kristina.

“We certainly couldn’t have predicted the amount of traction we received after pitching at the black enterprise summit back in 2015. Since then, the success we’ve been able to have with raising outside capital from our great investors; the impact that we’ve been able to achieve for people all over the country; and the value creation that we’ve been able to provide to both consumers and independent attorneys across the country has been tremendous. And it’s definitely humbling but also an honor to receive the award as a recognition of our efforts,” says James.

Attorneys also benefit greatly from the platform. &

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