the caffeinated tipple Image Credit: Caffeine
the caffeinated tipple Image Credit: Caffeine

The Caffeinated Tipple

A Christmas classic has been flipped on its head with this delicious spiced cocktail

This drink is a bold interpretation of the traditional festive eggnog, and its velvety smoothness with pops of complex coffee and spices is truly a treat for your tastebuds. The whisky and Christmas mince pie mix makes for a warming, satisfying flavour, while the sherry ties everything together with its rich spice notes and sweetness. We recommend using organic, free-range eggs, giving them a good rinse before cracking them, and ensuring the egg is thoroughly whisked so you get an even amount of yolk and white.

A Bonny Wee Flip

45ml Talisker 10 Year Old single malt infused with mince pie filling

30ml cold-brew coffee

15ml Pedro Ximénez sherry

30ml whisked egg white and yolk

7.5ml Lyle’s Golden Syrup A pinch of toasted crushed almonds with cinnamon, to garnish

To make the mince pie-infused whisky, add 200g of mince pie filling to 700ml whisky and stir well to begin the infusion. Vacuum seal and place in a sous vide for one hour at 55ºC. Remove, allow to cool, then strain using a Superbag and finally re-bottle.

Add all to a shaker with cubed ice, shake hard and double-strain into a Glencairn glass.

Drink created by Jason Clark, author of The Art & Craft of Coffee Cocktails. Follow Jason on Instagram @drinks_geek

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