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McCoy Pens Open Letter To Bills Fans Image Credit: Bills Digest
McCoy Pens Open Letter To Bills Fans Image Credit: Bills Digest

McCoy Pens Open Letter To Bills Fans

Bills running back LeSean McCoy shared a thoughtful letter to Bills fans via The Players’ Tribune on Feb. 2 titled:“Bills Mafia:We’re gonna need more of this.” Here are some highlights.

“I spent six years in Philly. And for the longest time, I thought there was nothing like Eagles fans. Until I got to Buffalo.

I’ve been telling people this a lot lately: I’ve never been around fans like these. That’s not a knock on Eagles fans. ... It’s just that when I got to Buffalo, everything I had seen before … these fans just topped it. ...

When next season begins, I’ll be 30 years old. And you know what some people say about 30-year-old running backs ... that 30 is when they start to decline. That it’s the beginning of the end.

Well … not for me. This 30-year-old is still gonna be one bad boy. I guarantee you that. I’m trying to leave a legacy, man. I’m trying to get a gold jacket someday. That’s my mindset.

But on top of that, there’s one goal we all share. Which is why I have a promise to make: To you, the Bills Mafia. From me, LeSean McCoy. I promise that I will give you everything I have to help us reach our ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl. Because making the playoffs isn’t the goal anymore. It’s the expectation. And I know that when we come back next season, for us to achieve our goal, you guys are gonna need me at my absolute best.

So I will be. And in return, I’m gonna need something from you. I’ll need you to be at your absolute craziest. I know you will be, too.”

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