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Season Wrap Up Highlights Image Credit: Bills Digest
Season Wrap Up Highlights Image Credit: Bills Digest

Season Wrap-Up Highlights

Season Wrap-Up Highlights

Sean McDermott

Here are some highlights from the Bills’ final press conference of the season featuring head coach Sean McDermott and general manager Brandon Beane.

Sean McDermott’s opening statement: I want to start off by saying a few words and really just reaching out to our fan base and thanking them for their support all throughout the year. Incredible year, and the energy around this city and the energy around our fan base was just phenomenal throughout this season. I thought it helped us get through some of the highs and lows of the season and it was great to see everyone show up in Jacksonville the way they did. This has been an entirely team effort from the start and the entire building has been on board. Also wanted to show our appreciation to Terry and Kim (Pegula) for their support throughout this season.

Brandon Beane: To echo what Sean said, I don’t really talk during the season but man, how impressed I was with this fan base, the passion. You kind of knew it from afar, you knew what you were walking into but until you experience what it was like this season — we had some very good moments, we had our low moments when we lost three in a row, but just the passion and the outpouring of, you saw some of the videos from our locker room to the fans showing up at minus-three degrees or minusfour or whatever it was when we landed back from Miami. Man, it’s emotional even to talk about. You see wha

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