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The Process The Drought Image Credit: Bills Digest
The Process The Drought Image Credit: Bills Digest

The Process > The Drought

The Process > The Drought

Mark Ludwiczak

Has it sunk in yet? I mean, has it really, truly sunk in yet?

The drought is over. Finished. Dead. Expired.

And even though Buffalo’s first trip to the postseason since 1999 ended with a loss in the wild-card playoff, the conversation surrounding the Bills moving forward has changed entirely. For that, we can all be thankful. 

Awfully, awfully thankful. 

“Looking back and reflecting, ending the drought feels great,” center Eric Wood said. “I’m just so glad I won’t have to answer: ‘So what’s different this year? How are we going to end the drought this year?’ Now, we have a foundation to build on. Let’s keep improving.”

There will be a whole lot of change in the coming weeks and months not just in Buffalo but around the entire NFL. That’s the nature of the league — it never takes a break. But the Bills can hold their heads high knowing that they have a strong, new foundation under Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane. And they established that foundation in what should be considered record time given the circumstances.

The duo took charge of a Bills team that had severely underperformed in recent seasons and was expected to continue trending downward. Preseason questions included the dreaded “T” word — tanking — which only grew louder following the surprising trades of Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby.

Instead, this un

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