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The Message Gets Through Image Credit: White Wing Messenger
The Message Gets Through Image Credit: White Wing Messenger

The Message Gets Through

Following is a story featured in the new book Miracle Invasion by Dean Merrill. The book, released by Broadstreet Publishing, was produced in conjunction with the Pentecostal Charismatic Churches of North America (PCCNA) to profile the gifts of the Spirit currently operating in the world.

Dean Merrill


Two stories from Church of God of Prophecy ministers are featured, including this account from the early ministry of Bishop E.C. McKinley, state overseer of Tennessee.

The apostle Paul clearly instructed the Corinthians that any display of public tongues in the church needed to be followed by an interpretation—otherwise, “how will anyone know what you are saying?”

But, what if the hearers don’t need an interpretation because they already understand the tongues? That is what surprised a young pastor named E. C. McKinley one day around 1990 as he was just finishing a hospital call. He had gone to Kingsport, Tennessee’s Holston Valley Medical Center to see one of his members from the small Church of God of Prophecy he served. On his way toward the exit, he noticed in the ICU waiting room, a cluster of agitated people all speaking Spanish —not a common sight in this Appalachian area. He could tell by the tears and hugs that something bad had happened.

Pastor McKinley didn’t know any Spanish, so he waited on the edges until he heard a bit of English coming from one young woman. Approaching her, he gently asked, “What happened?”

“We were all in a group driving down from up north, and we had this terrible accident!” she exclaimed. “My sister’s in intensive care—we don’t know if she’s going to

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