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Author Writer Book Publication Image Credit: White Wing Messenger
Author Writer Book Publication Image Credit: White Wing Messenger

Write Your Book

Some thoughts to help you get started

“The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry our their dream.”—Les Brown

It is estimated that more than 300,000 books are published annually in the United States, most of which line the shelves of homes, bookstores, online retail centers, and warehouses. Some of the titles releasing hit the top of the sales charts and most do not. Still, many are the realization of a goal by the author to leave his or her literary footprint in the world.

Beyond those hundreds of thousands of books released every year, there still exist the most interesting tales of all, those who have yet to be written. So many people have something worthwhile to say and carry the dream of being a published author.. For the average person, however, the process of writing can be intimidating and confusing. If you want to write a book, where do you start?

As director of Communications and editor of the White Wing Messenger, it is my desire to assist potential authors in fulfilling their calling to publish. Through the years, I have been approached for guidance and I have relayed some things I have learned here and as a jour

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