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Collecting My Aircraft Image Credit: Global Aviator
Collecting My Aircraft Image Credit: Global Aviator

Collecting My Aircraft

In the last few days I was privileged enough to make an addition to the DogBox at Morningstar in the shape and form of a Whisper X350.

Richard Browne

I’d seen it floating about online for some time and was following the developing thread.

Now having had some history in Port Elizabeth, South Africa I know the designer and manufacturer of the type. Interestingly he started out as a motor-glider maker rolling out a superb design named the Whisper Motor-Glider which offered a choice of 16m or 12m wings. Russel Philips, the originator of these unique aircraft is a clever man who excels at this type of thing notwithstanding he is a wonderful personality as well.

I believe Russel had the inclination to go a bit faster and hence designed the X350 with just that in mind. It does some mild aerobatics but mostly is a speedy commuter whilst keeping things remarkably simple. ZU-GAB is the aircraft now housed in the DogBox and sports the fixed gear, fixed pitch and carbed engine. She has a single EFIS with all you’d ever need on it for standard VFR operations and will clip along at 160 knots all day.

What I like most about her though is the huge cabin. A lot of the other variants on the market have a standard 42” width whereas the X350 is upward of 47” meaning each person gets an elbow rest on both sides. The center stick ensures full movement of controls when flying with Rynhardt my rugby mate and also clears the lap area for Airbus like dining.

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