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You Can Watch The 2019 Cricket World Cup Live From The Pavilion Balcony Sipping Fine Wine, All For 200,000 To 1 Million

Rishabh Bhatnagar

Sports travel has shown promise in India, with last year’s FIFA World Cup in Russia registering close to 4,500 travelling In-dian supporters. India is gearing up for its de-facto nation-al sport’s biggest competition, and premium options have emerged for those willing to spend the extra buck for a special experience.

“Being the official travel agent in India for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, we offer only the platinum and gold packages, and seating. It is luxury or nothing,” says Naveen Kundu, managing director at Mercury Travels, whose sports brand is Leisure Sports Travel. “We are hoping to close bookings for around 5,000 people for the tournament. We have already taken large bookings for corporates,” he adds. The World Cup is being held between May 30 and July 14 in England and Wales.

“Our premium tickets and accommodation packages start at around 250,000 per person and go up to 650,000. We can also include air travel at the client’s request for an added cost. Our luxury hospitality packages are generally for two nights stay in a five-star hotel and offer premium pavilion balcony seating, along with complimentary liquor and three-course lunches,” says Kundu. As the official partner, it also provides customers with accreditation for special events, a

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