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RISE AND SHINE Image Credit: Women's Health South Africa
RISE AND SHINE Image Credit: Women's Health South Africa

Rise And Shine

Real post-coital bliss, as an adult: a more relaxed, productive and happy day. It’s time to make morning magic again.

Marissa Gainsburg

If the term morning sex sounds like an oxymoron, then no offence, but you’re in need of a wake-up call. Don’t worry, though… It’s a fun one. “Most couples habitually have sex at night because that tends to be when it’s most convenient,” says Vanessa Marin, a sex therapist. “But our bodies are actually primed for stronger orgasms right after we wake up.” The am brings surges of testosterone to both men and women, increasing libido and heightening genital sensitivity – particularly the strength of his erection. (It’s called morning wood, not morning cork, for a reason.) Not to mention, it should be easier to reach climax in the first place, since Murphy’s Law (anything that can go wrong will go wrong) hasn’t had a chance to set in.

But there are major mental perks to early romps too: sex is, hands down, a fabulous stress reliever, mood lifter and relationship enhancer (courtesy of a release of feel-good hormones). So by getting frisky first thing, you set yourself up for a calmer, happier day. Plus, for most, doing the deed increases energy, a recent survey shows, surprisingly. Not to say that night-time sex is a waste, but you definitely get more, uh, bang for your buck by mixing up your mating schedule. Of course, we know mornings can be a bit frantic – and, well, seriously unsexy. Here’s how to flip the script for action as hot and stimulating as your trusty cup of coffee.

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