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Glowing Hot And Cold Image Credit: Women's Health South Africa
Glowing Hot And Cold Image Credit: Women's Health South Africa

Glowing Hot And Cold

Skin products and treatments that utilise cool and warm temperatures with the goal of achieving instant radiance – here’s what you need to know about whether it’s time to heat things up or cool things down

Gotlhokwang Angoma-Mzini

Products that change the temperature of your skin? Yes! What’s clogging up our Insta timelines right now is the obsession with using different temperatures to treat different things – think dabbing on cool face masks from the fridge or using hot oil to treat your tresses – every beauty guru is on it. Here’s the scoop on thermo beauty. Goldilocks might just have to change her theory.


We know the benefits of cold on the body: it rehabilitates sore and strained muscles, increases circulation and reduces recovery time. So it’s a fave among fitsters. Well, brrr temperatures are now being used in beauty too. Coolness is believed to help lock moisture into the skin and also prevent dirt from getting in because it tightens pores and has a similar effect on fine lines too. That’s why beauty experts are now localising coolness to products and treatments for your face. The most talked about cool treatment? A cryotherapy facial, aka frotox (frozen botox).

This treatment combines a unique concentration of hyaluronic acid and other botanicals with a cold CO2 (carbon dioxide) spray directly onto the skin. After this treatment you can expect to see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles in those areas, plus more hydrated, healthier-looking skin. But what about chilly at-home beauty formulas?

When it comes to daily skin snags, cold therapy is your go-to solution: got a

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