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Fierce AF Image Credit: Women's Health South Africa
Fierce AF Image Credit: Women's Health South Africa

Fierce AF

Sa-Born Lesley-Ann Brandt, Star Of Netflix’s Lucifer, Is Butt-Kicking Proof That We Build ’Em Tough Here At The Tip Of Africa.

Wanita Nicol
A badass demon in black leather pants walks into a bar. For the past three and a bit years, that’s pretty much summed up Lesley-Ann Brandt’s day job. Playing the demon Mazikeen (Maze to her friends) on cult fantasy series Lucifer, she’s unleashed her personal brand of hell on the small screen – a blade-wielding, sass-mouthing, pansexual brand that’s earned the Cape Town-born star a legion of fans around the world.


The demon part may be comic-book fantasy, but the badassery certainly is not. When she first appeared on the cover of WH just over a year ago, Lesley Ann was filming fight scenes by day, then going home to breastfeed her son Kingston – who was just six months old when the then-36-year-old revealed her washboard abs at our cover shoot.

Lesley-Ann was refreshingly un-smug about the transformation, stressing that new moms shouldn’t put undue pressure on themselves and that her rapid weight loss was necessary for work. Her work ethic certainly couldn’t be faulted, but showbiz is fickle. That same month, US TV network Fox cancelled Lucifer.

Just six weeks after her cover hit shelves, Lesley-Ann posted an emotional goodbye to her on-screen home and family on Instagram, reflecting on her personal journey with the show and thanking its loyal fans. Only, said fans were having none of it. #SaveLucifer trended on social

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