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To Get The Shot Image Credit: Runner's World SA
To Get The Shot Image Credit: Runner's World SA

To Get The Shot

Hydration is a challenge.

Ryan Scott

“ A litre of water weighs a kilogram. And often – maybe because I get there before the leaders – refreshment stations are protective over their water, Coke and snacks.”

PHOTOGRAPHERS. They wake up even earlier than you on race day, strap on a pack that feels like it’s full of dumbbells, and head out to the most scenic parts of the race route to get the shots. In trail races, they often spend at least as long out on the course as the last competitor, and cover surprisingly large distances.

We get some alarming insights from action sports photographer Kevin Sawyer (@kevinsawyer).


KEVIN SAWYER: On average, I carry about 7kg in my backpack. That takes its toll, once you start ticking the kilometres off for a full day out on the race route.

The maximum I carry is 12kg. Sometimes I need to pack a drone for those epic wide shots of the awesome races we have in South Africa; but unless I know I’ll be using it specifically, I leave it behind.

When I’m cutting weight, the first item to be banished from the bag is my heaviest lens – the 70-200mm. It takes up the most space, and I don’t need it as much as my go-to ‘hero’ lens, the 24-70mm. That little beauty is never left behind, and it’s responsible for about 80% of the action.


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