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The Mens Health Guide To Fatherhood Image Credit: Men's Health Singapore
The Mens Health Guide To Fatherhood Image Credit: Men's Health Singapore

The Men's Health Guide To Fatherhood

Tips and tricks on living the dad life well.

Gilbert Wong



Fatherhood ain’t easy, but who knows better on how to deal with post-kid life and still stay in great shape like your own dad, specifically your granddad? Meet Syafawi Ho, and read on the rest of this special feature on everything you need to know on how to be a great dad.

GETTING OLDER MAY BE an experience that some men may not look forward to. After all, it doesn’t feel great to be supposedly “past your prime”, and once you hit that big 4-0 milestone and beyond, your body doesn’t seem to work like it used to.

But you don’t have to just accept that you’ll lose strength and agility, or that your metabolism will slow down. We learned two fitness truths from Syafawi Ho, a grandfather and first aid trainer in the Singapore Red Cross. One, age is no barrier to physical fitness. Two, hard work at the gym really does pay offno matter how old you are.

At 59, Syafawi is nearing the big 6-0. And while it’s not immediately evident that he’s in possession of a fit and muscular body, it becomes pretty clear when we see his movement and energy around the gym.

“My friend asked me, ‘at your age, why do you want to go to the gym?’”, Syafawi recalls. “They’ll always tell you that at your age, you shouldn’t go to the gym, you’ll get injured, wh

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