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Pull Down, Pull-up, And Row Your Way To Building A Massive Back

Nope, Dudes Aren’t Always Best, Especially If You Want Some Women Wisdom While Doing Your Reps. And The Best Thing About Personal Trainer Cheryl Loh Is She’s Available… To Whip You Into Shape.

David Otey, C.S.C.S

When you think of the glamour body parts to train in the gym, you often think first of the so-called “mirror muscles.” These are the muscles that every guy loves to train, and the ones that you can always see easily—chest, arms, abs, and shoulders.

But if you really want to that perfect superhero physique, you have to build a ripped and chiselled back, too. Specifically, you have to hit your lats, the wide, fan-shaped muscles that loom large along your back. The perfect physique doesn’t really come together without a muscular back that tapers in width from shoulders to waist. And that taper is really a product of lat development.

Training your lats, however, feels boring to some and daunting to others, because sometimes, we think of pull-ups as our only option. But there are a host of exercises that can get the job done. Make sure you’re hitting 2 or 3 of these moves at least once a week to round out your physique.


The classic barbell deadlift is often thought of as a hamstring and glute developer, but it’ll smoke your lats too. Think about it: Whether you’re lifting or lowering that barbell with a heavy weight, it’s hanging from your arms, and your back muscles have to pull. Don’t underrate this move as a foundation of a solid back.

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