Your Complete Guide To Living With A Uterus Image Credit: Fairlady
Your Complete Guide To Living With A Uterus Image Credit: Fairlady

Your Complete Guide To Living With A Uterus

Having a uterus (and everything that comes with it) can sometimes feel like a burden. We went on a mission to find simple developments in technology, psychology and wellness that can make life with hormones and periods easier!

Marli Meyer

Are there reliable natural alternatives to hormonal contraceptives? How do I get my libido back on track? Being a woman can be a rough gig at times. So we’ve compiled an updated guide for stuff that’s out there (some new discoveries, some ancient rediscoveries) to make modern living with a uterus easier – even if it’s just in tiny ways.


Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, monitoring your period for health reasons or looking for a natural alternative to the Pill, there’s an app for that! And the more people there are on these apps, the more data can be collected to understand and serve us better in terms of new information and products.

Clue – helping you track and share your cycle data

Pioneering the quest for open, healthy and much-needed conversations about periods and reproductive health in general, Clue not only helps you track your data but you can also share it with friends, family and significant others. It can remind you when your period is close and also tracks your emotions, moods, energy levels and a few other customisable markers.


It’s a really cute app, and it’s good to know when people you care about might be feeling extra sensitive. Clue’s information hub is also fantastic and is paving the way for all of us – not just women – to be empowered

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