Healthy Lliving Image Credit: Fairlady
Healthy Lliving Image Credit: Fairlady

Healthy Lliving

How to park depression, feed your bugs and lower your risk of Alzheimer’s…

Suzy Brokensha


A 2017 study found that playing video games, watching TV and using smartphones can be good for teenagers in terms of their emotional wellbeing, but only to a certain extent. According to Oxford University researchers, the limit is two hours a day. After that, the negatives kick in – unless they’re on a computer, in which case the limit is four hours a day. Not sure why a computer should be different but those are the results!


According to a meta-analysis of all available research into coffee, drinking three cups a day does more good than harm. Researchers from the University of Southampton found 19 positive and six negative ‘health outcomes’. Positives included a 27% lower risk of Alzheimer’s, while negatives included increased risk of lung cancer in smokers.


Going for a walk or jog along a busy road might not be worth it in the long run (so to speak).

Dr Kian Fan Chung of Imperial College in London found in a study of people over 60 that road-exercisers reported increased arterial stiffness and only a small increase in lung capacity, as opposed to those who had exercised in a park, who reported reduced arterial stiffness and improved lung capacity. And it’s just more beautiful, people!


Your gut is coated with a protective mucus layer full of enzymes to break d

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