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Scindia School Nurturing Generations Image Credit: Careers 360
Scindia School Nurturing Generations Image Credit: Careers 360

Scindia School: Nurturing Generations

Here’s a school in which an ideal environment of cordial relationships and emotional bondings are encouraged for students to appreciate the value system of life…

Abhay Anand

It is not common to hear from a student that he joined a particular school because his father, his sibling and his grandfather studied there; but Scindia School, Gwalior is an exception. “My dad is an ex-Sc Indian, my brother is also an ex-Scindian and there are some more from my family who have studied here. So, while looking for a school for me Scindia was a natural choice,” says Rohan Khanna, a Class 12 student from Kanpur who plans to do B.Com and become a Financial Manager.

The school that nurtured generations have been able to keep its ethos intact, a perfect blend of India’s traditional values and modern-day education.

The 122-year-long journey

The Scindia School was founded by the late Maharaja Madhavrao Jayaji Rao Scindia of Gwalior in 1897. Originally located within the city of Gwalior, it was shifted to the Gwalior Fort around the turn of the century. It became a public residential school for boys when FG Pearce became the principal. The students, groomed as sensitive, self-disciplined and courageous individuals, are popularly known as ‘Scindians’. “At one time the school was known as Sardar school as it was meant to teach children of royal families,” says Gurdeep S Bakshi, who taught at the school for over four decades and continues his relationship with the school in an honorary capacity. “The popularity of this school is so much that at one point the strength of the school cros

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