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Smallcase Investment With A Difference Image Credit: Outlook Money
Smallcase Investment With A Difference Image Credit: Outlook Money

Smallcase: Investment With A Difference

With Two Lakh Investors, It Is Live On Zerodha, AxisDirect and Edelweiss.

Suyash Desai

Direct exposure to equity is affordable for investors with high-risk appetite. However, for investors with medium to low-risk bearing capacity, the same can be challenging. At the same time, a certain amount of equity exposure is necessary to generate wealth and beat the inflation mark. Mutual funds is one such asset class which provides adequate equity exposure with risk diversification. But, it carries a number of caveats like annual expense, total expense ratio, no quick redemptions across all funds, and occasional flexibility and transparency issue.

Introducing small case - an alternative investment platform to mutual funds with exposure to equity and risk diversification.

“smallcase Technologies is in the business of developing digital investment platforms for retail investors to invest in portfolios of exchange-trade instruments like stocks and ETFs. These platforms are integrated with retail brokerages, so their clients can login, invest and track their investments seamlessly with their current trading and demat accounts,” said Vasanth Kamath, Founder and CEO, smallcase Technologies. The investments in smallcase happen through a portfolio of stocks or ETFs that is aligned to a specific theme, idea or a model. “We look for ideas and themes that are developing around us and try to understand if they make a strong investable case. Those are created with a long-term vision,” said Anugrah Shrivastava, Founder and Head

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