Marie Claire - US
The Next 25 Years In Beauty Image Credit: Marie Claire - US
The Next 25 Years In Beauty Image Credit: Marie Claire - US

The Next 25 Years In Beauty

Are you ready for packaging that disappears, hair that doesn’t go gray, and the real fountain of youth? With industry experts as our crystal ball, we predict how your beauty routine is changing now—and five, 10, even 25 years into the future. Get excited because…

Kiera Carter

There’s a new way to dry hair.

Blowdryers have gotten faster, stronger, and smarter over the years, but they’ve always relied on hot air to get the job done. RevAir ($399; is different. The vacuum-like device gently pulls strands taut and literally sucks the moisture out, drying and straightening hair three times faster than it would using a traditional blowdryer followed by a flatiron. And since the air is moving downward and outward, in the same direction your hair cuticle lies, you get a smoother, less frizzy result. (Lifted cuticles = more frizz.) The next step: delivering hair-healthy ingredients into the cuticle before sealing. (RevAir just launched a line of sprays and primers to do just that.)


Mirrors will get even smarter.

You may have heard about Mirror ($1,495;, the interactive workout-streaming platform that doubles as a mirror—in fact, we’ve written about it in Marie Claire—but that’s for your body. HiMirror ($119 for the mini; himirror .com) analyzes your complexion for dark circles, red spots, pores, and more. And we might not be too far away from having a mirror, or a similar device, apply makeup for us: Procter & Gamble announced that it’s been working on something called the Opté Precision Wand, which detects skin imperfections and applies makeup to t

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