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Taylore Glynn


Ice baths may be the old standby for athletes and gym devotees seeking quick muscle recovery, but light therapy makes a case for draining the tub. DPL’s handheld Nuve medical device emits infrared and red lights that penetrate deep into the skin to reduce muscle fatigue, inflammation, and soreness so you can bounce back from your workout faster. Simply hold the device over the affected area for 14 minutes twice a day and let the light do the work.


If heating pads and ibuprofen aren’t easing your menstrual cramps, it might be time for nerve-stimulation therapy. Stick two gel pads to your abdomen and clip the discreet (and kind of adorable) FDA-approved Livia device onto your clothing, where it emits small electrical pulses that distract your nerves so they register less pain. For years, ob-gyns have been recommending chunkier at-home devices that employ a similar strategy, but now the therapy is finally available on the go.


New York City-based Naaya Wellness founder Sinikiwe Dhliwayo on how she manages life’s ups and downs

…to unwind

“I got caught up in this cycle of always trying to be productive, but then I realized I had to master the ability to unwind or risk burning out. I could read a book and do a face mask, but sometimes it’s better to dance it out at home and stay up t

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