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SURVIVAL GUIDE Image Credit: Harper's BAZAAR - US
SURVIVAL GUIDE Image Credit: Harper's BAZAAR - US

Holiday Survival Guide

How to look and feel your best during cocktail party season.

Sam Neibart

WE ASKED THE EXPERTS to reveal their secrets to prevent overeating and weight gain, get a quick glow, and hide a hangover.

PARTY PREP Winter’s chilly temperatures and indoor heat can suck the moisture from your skin, leaving it dry and dull. To revive your complexion, Los Angeles dermatologist Peter Kopelson, M.D., recommends getting a Neo-Peel glycolic-acid treatment a few days before an event. “It takes only 10 minutes and creates an immediate glow.” No time to go to the dermatologist? Giorgio Armani celebrity makeup artist Tim Quinn suggests using the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask ($17) before applying your makeup for a more luminous canvas. While getting ready, fix yourself a snack so that you don’t head straight to the canapés the moment you arrive at the party. Eat a combination of fiber and protein: “They take the longest to digest and keep you feeling full,” explains New York dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot. Spread nut butter on an apple or top fibrous crackers with tuna salad. And beware of your 4 p.m. coffee to help you rally after a long day at work; caffeine can spike your blood sugar and mimic the signs of hunger. Kelly LeVeque, a nutritionist in L.A., suggests opting for a less-caffeinated, unsweetened green tea or a Runa Clean Energy Drink.

BALANCE TEMPTATION When navigating the hors d’oeuvres, Zuckerbrot advises filling your plate with crudités and protein like co

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