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Whats Your Hair Damage Image Credit: Good House Keeping - US
Whats Your Hair Damage Image Credit: Good House Keeping - US

What's Your (Hair) Damage?

Almost everyone has some, from dryness to split ends and breakage. Now the GH Beauty Lab breaks down the types and causes, plus gives prevention tips and fixes for your healthiest hair ever

April Franzino


Knowing the difference between the two kinds of hair damage — and their causes — is the key to preventing it.


Occurs when hair’s outer layer (cuticle) and/or cortex (inner structure) is disrupted, fractured or removed by a physical force such as styling or heat.


The process during which chemicals in certain hair treatments such as coloring break the bonds that hold together the hair shaft.


Brushing and combing, hot-tool use (blowdryers, flat irons, curling irons, etc.), hairstyling (wearing hair accessories such as elastics with metal components or tight styles like braids and ponytails), everyday wear and tear (friction during sleep, catching on surfaces such as purse straps, etc.) and even water, which causes the hair fiber to swell.

Haircolor (permanent, semi and demi-permanent dye and bleaching, including highlights, lowlights, balayage, etc.), straightening and smoothing processes (including keratin treatments), hair relaxers and perms, plus exposure to other chemicals such as chlorine. (Beauty Lab notes: Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can also damage hair, but only at high levels of exposu

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