The Straight UpHottest Thing Youll Read This Month Image Credit: Cosmopolitan
The Straight UpHottest Thing Youll Read This Month Image Credit: Cosmopolitan

The Straight-Up Hottest Thing You'll Read This Month

New Fetish: Skimming These Next-Level Erotic Novels In Public. We’re Excerpting The Best Bits So You Can Get Right To The Good Stuff.

Ali Jaffe
“Lia? You’re there.” August pointed at the floor. “I require your presence here.” He patted his stomach.

Lia slowly crawled onto the bed, wishing the entire time August had a much bigger bed.

“Why is your bed so small?” she asked.

“More intimate. You can hide from someone in a king-size bed. Not in this one. No hiding places at all...”

Lia was of two minds. One mind wanted to get her things and rush straight home and pretend she never had this terrible idea. The other mind wanted to press her entire body to August’s entire body and stay there a few millennia. Then he smiled at her. Might as well stay, she decided.

He reached for her and, with his hand on her waist, pulled her on top of him. She sat on his stomach and found herself very aware of her wet, bare vulva pressing against his warm flesh. She was trying to ignore his cock, although it certainly wasn’t ignoring her.

August took her face in his hands, stroked her cheeks, her neck. He brushed her hair and leaned in to kiss her. His lips met hers, and Lia shivered.

She clung awkwardly to him as she returned the kiss, tentatively at first but with growing confidence. August ran his fingertips up her arms and over her shoulders, across her back and down to her waist.

The man kissed like he invented kissing, patented it, and made a fortune off the patent. He nipped her bottom lip, dipped his tongue i

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