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Tripit from Concur Image Credit: i.Business Magazine
Tripit from Concur Image Credit: i.Business Magazine

Tripit from Concur

The TripIt app allows travelers to establish a mobile master itinerary on a mobile device: iPhone, iPad or iPhone.

Device-specific apps are also available for Android, Windows and Blackberry. The user simply makes travel plan, booking flights, hotels, car rentals, even restaurant reservation, forwards them to plans@tripit.com and the reservations and plans are consolidated into a master itinerary. TripIt.com displays hundreds of sites from airlines and lodging to agencies and booking sites from which it accepts emailed confirmations to include in the travelers itinerary.

A TripIt master itinerary is essentially a dashboard from which the user can drill down to travel details. The app also provides a record of past trips which enables the traveler to recall favorite destinations for repeat booking. This app includes the capability to get directions to any of the destinations on the user’s itinerary. Travel plans sync easily and seamlessly with online and mobile calendars on any of the devices for which an iTrip app is available.

TripIt makes it easy to share travel details at will text or email without having to cut and paste details into other apps. Social media sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Chatter and Yammer is also included to notify friends and contacts of travel details.

The TripIt app can be used as easily at home as it can for travel through the traveler’s profile, storing document information such as passports, identification numbers and more. All of this is accomplished in a platform secured by a 4-digit PIN and password protection,.


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