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Digital technology Technology Image Credit: The Times Of Africa
Digital technology Technology Image Credit: The Times Of Africa

Digital Technology- An Order of the Day!

The 21st century is being considered as the era of revolutions. Revolutions in the domain of science, health care, technology, economic, education led to the amelioration of many countries round the globe. Digital technology is one of the productive off springs of the technological revolution.

Digital technology is a prominently acclaimed invention, which eased & simplified the life of many people across the world. It has remarkably reduced the cost of sharing information. The vast stretch of the internet not only let us transmit the information, but also to connect with each other.

World has become a ‘Global Village’ ever since the digital technology has stepped in. It has helped people in manifolds. Students now, apart from the knowledge they acquire in educational institutions, have access to a vast realm of information through the internet. Moreover, there are so many institutions who have emerged with the concept of online courses and classes.

Digital technology has also succoured the businesses. It is felt that digitizing business is about constantly reviewing what the customer needs and seeing how technology can help meet them and drive enormous revenue. People are doing online conferences with clients located in the different countries. Online interviews for Job- seekers is a bliss. Digital technology has also led to the expansion of trade and commerce, thus affecting the economy in a remunerative manner.

People who couldn’t afford to invest huge capitals, have switched to the online business, with the help of small investment. It doesn’t only entail a low investment, but offers a mass reach for the business.

The emergence of digital wallets is another prodigious feature of digital techno

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