CLEO Malaysia
Farm Fresh Food Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
Farm Fresh Food Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

Farm-Fresh Food

Farm-to-fork and sustainable spots all share a similar passion: food and being Earth-friendly! #TeamCLEO spoke to four places doing their part in spreading love for Mother Nature.

Pamela Choo

The rising awareness of sustainability in Malaysia is something to be super proud of. We‘re seeing this happen in so many industries, and here we take a closer look at places that translate sustainability into food, farming, gardening and cooking. Sustainable learning centres and farm-to-fork spots are great because you know that the people behind them are actively working to support local producers, while also educating the public on not excessively wasting food. These four places are making the world a little better whether it ’s by supporting local farmers or spreading their passion for directly-sourced, farm-grown ingredients. It ’s about keeping the environment balanced along with meeting our own human needs.


While this place is known for serving great coffee, you may be surprised to know that it actually started with a cocktail . Transparent Coffee‘s owners stumbled on a pop-up cocktail bar called Coley at Dr. Inc. When the pop-up ended, they got in touch with the people at Coley to work on a collaboration. The partnership worked out because of their passion for crafting special beverages — coffee in the day, cocktails at night.

The team behind Transparent Coffee is made up of coffee experts: Joey Mah, 34, is the Head Roaster of

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