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Branding Marketing Business Startup Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
Branding Marketing Business Startup Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

How To Get Noticed On The Insta Space!

Self-branding is totally worth investing your time in, and these are the ways you can make your brand distinctively yours. Get noticed on the Insta space!

Pamela Choo

These days, self-branding is everything. Sometimes, what you post and put out in the world can precede you when it comes to making connections, networking and applying for jobs. In the age of Instagram, it ’s almost as if everyone has their own brand or at least a distinct aesthetic for the ‘gram. An article on Forbes’ top influencer Jeff Bullas’ website states that knowing what makes you stand out and your values can really help in defining your personality online. Even if you don’t want to be Insta-famous (you don’t need to be, really), these self-branding tips can show you how to more authentically portray yourself on social media and the Internet.

It can also help you to get that dream job you’ve been eyeing. How? Keep reading!


Let ’s get into some tips on how to build that unique brand of yours. Firstly, be yourself! Sarah Lian, Malaysian host, TV personality and actor says it ’s important to share your personal views and your interests on social media. Once you start expressing your views, people can get a real sense of what your brand is all about. It ’s actually crucial to note this as your entire social media persona can backfire when others can see that you’re not being original. For instance, if you’re copying someone else’s narrative. Sarah mentions that people can easily suss that you’re not being yourself and that can to

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