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Millie Bobby Brown Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
Millie Bobby Brown Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

Millie Bobby Brown On 'Stranger Things' And On-Set Secrets

For Millie Bobby Brown, playing the most powerful character on a supernatural show was never out of the ordinary.

From the strong, silent type in season 1, Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven in Stranger Things has since gone through an evolution. Throughout the seasons, Eleven (also known as “El” or Jane) went from saying very little while battling an evil (as a by-product of governmental experiments, Eleven possesses powers such as telekinesis, telepathy and extrasensory perception), to experiencing things any teen would. Continuing that rite of passage in the hotly-anticipated season 3, out on Netflix this July 4, Eleven has leveled up on style, and develops a little more edge. She has come into her own, and Millie had an involvement in it. “I have a lot of influence in what I wear. All the kids do. And that ’s the thing with the Duffer Brothers (the creators of Stranger Things), they really let us explore,” Millie revealed. And does she find herself becoming more like Eleven? During a press interview, she revealed: “Eleven becomes more like me... I never became more like Eleven.”

It ’s no wonder her influence can be felt. We met her as she had just finished filming season 3 (she was also at the tail-end of promoting her debut in Godzilla: King of the Monsters). At only 15, she spoke with the confidence of a veteran actor, and #TeamCLEO wanted to know what it meant to play such a powerful lead on a show. “Girls are awesome! To show the masculinity and feminine side in a girl is so attractive, appealing and cool,” she s

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