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Hangxiety Woes Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
Hangxiety Woes Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

Hangxiety Woes

While a night out of fun with BFFs can take your mind off the real world, reality kicks in the morning after. Here are ways you can deal with the anxious feelings after a few too many drinks.

Pamela Choo

You’ve had a hard month and feel you deserve a night of fun, and that includes copious amounts of alcohol. Then you find yourself awake the next day, not remembering anything. Your heart starts beating faster. You may have difficulty breathing, too. These are the symptoms of hangxiety, according to Hired Power, a professional transition service. It ’s the anxiety you feel during a hangover, when you worry about the things you said the night before because you don’t recall anything! Clinical psychologist Sarah Zehan says that when a person consumes alcohol, the chemicals in their brain alter and the “worry” chemicals are suppressed. That ’s why you’re more relaxed when you’re drinking. But what most people don’t realise is that the brain works extra hard to bring the chemical levels back to normal once the alcohol subsides. That surge of worry chemicals in the brain can cause anxiety.


Based on research, people who are shy by nature will be more likely to experience hangxiety. A perfect fictional example for this is Raj from The Big Bang Theory and how he always needs an alcoholic drink to be able to socialise with the ladies. Alcohol makes you feel less inhibited and more confident interacting with new people. However, this can take a turn the day after when the shy person starts worrying about his or her words and actio

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