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Billie Eilish Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
Billie Eilish Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

Meet The World's 17-Year-Old Supersonic Music Phenomenon

The coolest girl in the scene, Billie Eilish is the world’s 17-year-old supersonic music phenomenon who’s trying out her dark side.

Samantha Fraser

For the girl whose middle name is Pirate, it ’s fitting that Billie Eilish has hijacked the airwaves and plundered our hearts. She is not just another home schooled 17-year-old, she is the music sensation that the world never knew they didn’t expect, and a superstar whose vocals, sonic beats and challenging lyrics have taken over your playlists. With her music that ’s addictive, hypnotic and relatable, Billie is the voice of the generation, singing to those who yearn meaning.

From the energetic beats of ‘bad guy’ which just begs to be placed on repeat, to the hushed ‘when the party’s over’ and heart-rending ‘i love you’, Billie and her brother (who co-writes songs with her) have created a transcendental journey in her latest album ‘when we all fall asleep, where do we go?’. On social media, her style is a brand of cool worthy of a fashion revolution. And since she is working with more darker imagery, Billie speaks about going “spooky as hell”, what turning 18 will mean to her, how she loves love, and what really happens when she falls asleep.

You’re very busy at the moment, travelling to promote, then touring — do you love that life?

Shows are really something I crave. Touring is exhausting and kind of horrible at points but the shows are the reason you go on tour, that ’s what makes it worth it. Shows have always been something I crave

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