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For A Greater Benefit Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
For A Greater Benefit Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

For A Greater Benefit

Beauty that gives back? Here’s how this Benefit Cosmetics initiative will truly help to empower women who need it.

Lina Esa

There is no one true standard of beauty except the one from within. Benefit Cosmetics may be pink, fun and fabulous, but for the past four years it has ran a very successful philanthropic programme, Bold Is Beautiful. This year, they launched Bold Is Beautiful here in Malaysia, partnering with Women: Girls to fund their Kejar Kerja programme which benefits underprivileged girls with limited access to job opportunities. #TeamCLEO spoke to Maggie Ford Danielson, Benefit ’s Chief Beauty Ambassador and Izza Izelan, the Executive Director of Women: Girls, about this amazing project.

Hi Maggie, tell us more about Bold is Beautiful.

Maggie: It ’s a global philanthropy project that started in 2015 and this is the first kickoff year in Malaysia. It ’s what we built with the idea that it ’s our responsibility as fortunate women to impact change to the greater female community that never had a support system.

How does it work?

M: 100% of our brow waxing in May will go directly to Women: Girls (here in Malaysia). We don’t take any of the money, we’re just the conduit. Since [Bold Is Beautiful]’s inception in 2015 we’ve raised $16.5 million! It ’s been amazing.

Why did you choose to partner with Women: Girls?

M: We have three criteria we look for with new charity partners. Does

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