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Back To Love Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
Back To Love Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

Back To Love

This fragrance duo embodies the intense connections and unconditional love, as shown between these celebrity couples.

To imagine a world without love is inconceivable. Love is something that can literally make the world go ’round — it inspires movements, art , songs, stories, narratives and enriches our lives. It ’s a concept for which there is no wrong definition — it suits each and every person differently. Love, though, isn’t meant to be an easy ride. While there may be many facets and faces of love, once you meet the right one, it ’s 101% worth it. Emporio Armani is no stranger to the inspiration of love, with a previous fragrance duo in 2017. The story continues with the introduction of two new scents: the sweet and feminine ‘In Love With You’ for her and spicy, energetic ‘Stronger With You Intensely’ for him. Both fragrances convey a symbol of connection and of unconditional love, reflecting a natural and irresistible lifestyle.


‘In Love With You’ has a warm floral scent that intertwines with the voluptuous sweetness of black cherry and the sophistication of rose and jasmine notes. Dominant, but not overpowering, ‘Stronger With You Intensely’ is a woody fragrance with notes of pink pepper blended with vanilla essence for a twist of intrigue. ‘In Love With You’ and

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