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WonderMust Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
WonderMust Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

Wonder Must

More than just another party, Wonderfruit Festival celebrates art, music and food while being conscious of nature and its offerings.

Aina Nur Sarah

Festivals are a lot of fun. A weekend filled with good vibes, company and music — what more could any girl ask for? But some of the biggest and best music festivals in the world can be logistically (and financially) difficult to get to from our side of the world. So that’s where Wonderfruit comes in.

A four-day festival that’s held in Phuket, Thailand, Wonderfruit is a celebration of the arts that uses its impact to drive for positive change. It’s a huge, overwhelming experience, sprawling across The Fields in a mass of stages, art installations, performances and displays. It seems a lot to take in. But as #TeamCLEO learned, you need to go in with an open mind and in the knowledge that you’ll be exploring new concepts, hearing new music, meeting new people and racking up unforgettable new experiences. Here are just some of the things that stood out.


This four-day festival in Phuket brings together people from all over the world to connect through music and art. Wonderfruit’s ethos revolves around sustainability, from art to architecture and even the way food is served (No single-use plastic, hooray!). The stages were created by artists from sustainable materials, including one made completely out of rice. Being at Wonderfruit can make you more interested and invested in the ways we can be environmentally friendly, beyond just simply switching to metal straws.

2. ECO

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