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Love And Light Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
Love And Light Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

Love And Light

Model and embroidery artist Sheena Liam opens up about easing into married life, and what she holds close to her heart.

Pamela Choo

An unmistakeable beauty, she’s the one and only Sheena Liam. The model once graced CLEO’s cover and has since modelled for huge brands all over the world. This model lives a busy life but would rather stay in bed (so she tells us!). She’s our very own Malaysian who has gone global — she is everywhere, travelling constantly, but always comes back to her roots (Malaysia is home, “100% always and forever”). Sheena is also an embroidery artist and features her work on

Instagram under the handle, with over 290k followers. Falling in love, getting married while #supportinglocal and becoming an accidental artist launched Sheena back into our radar. She met us in between flying (she was in Malaysia for a hot minute before setting off!) to talk about life and her two careers. In this #TeamCLEO exclusive, the model opened up on how she adapted to married life with artist husband Ernest Zacharevic, and her secret obsessions.

Congrats on getting married! What was the preparation for it like?

Super hectic, we had two [weddings]. One in his [home] country and another in Malaysia. Added on the task of shipping people to each country. But I ’m glad we did it and I wouldn’t have done it any other way because we had all our friends and family with us through it all .

We noticed that you commissioned Malaysian designer Celest Thoi to design your wedding dress as well as local M

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