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StyleRemix Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
StyleRemix Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

Style Remix

The collab to grab this year, Yuna x Christy Ng embodies the colourful Malaysian girl who loves to mix it up.

Aina Nur Sarah

It all started with a DM on the ‘Gram. The Yuna x Christy Ng collection launch showcased energetic sophistication, and it ’s inspired by how the two women behind the collection defy the norm. Colour pop, feminine edges, and nuanced touches make the collection coveted, beyond the powerhouse names behind the collaboration. #TeamCLEO spoke to Yuna regarding the collection and here are her musings.

What makes the Yuna x Christy Ng collection unique?

I think what makes it unique is it comes from two different girls who are very passionate about their work. Christy and I wanted to create something that had meaning to all the girls out there. It ’s not just a handbag, you can mix and match the straps and I think that helps you be creative with our designs. With our shoes, we took a risk and wanted to create something cool, so the heels are different. We want girls who wear our products to feel like they can conquer the day and do whatever they want.

What makes an ALIS girl?

An ALIS girl is confident. Someone who’s kind of sneaky, kind of funny, kind of silly, but fun and also very loving. She cares about other people a lot and someone who’s not shy of showing her true self to others. That ’s how I would describe an ALIS girl.

What’s your favourite thing about the collection?

My favourite feature of the bag would be the straps, they’re interchange

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