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Makeup Beauty Foundation Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
Makeup Beauty Foundation Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

Will We Finally See Brands Giving The Full End Of The Spectrum In Foundation?

How well do beauty labels perform when it comes to inclusivity? #TeamCLEO checks in.

Medina Azaldin

A little over a year ago, a pop music queen released her own make-up line. The debut of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty caused more than just fan-frenzy, it shook up the beauty scene in a way no brand ever had before, putting inclusivity and representation at the forefront of not only its makeup range, but also across ad campaigns.

Thanks to Fenty and social media, we’ve seen other beauty companies stepping up their game; adding shade extensions to existing product lines and ensuring every ad showcased diverse models. Now, no brand is safe from being called out on socials if they forget that the world has much more than just fair, perfect-skinned people. But what is it like shopping for make-up if you’re a deep-skinned girl in Malaysia? Well, for starters, the general consensus is that local and Asian brands need to do much, much better.


Colour-matching a base product has been challenging since forever, more so if one is on the extreme ends of the colour spectrum. “It’s helllllaa difficult!” said Jasnitha, 27, “Before Fenty came along, I had a foundation that gave an ashy cast. I hated it!” She now swears by Fenty Pro Filt ’r Soft Matte Foundation in 350.

Ashy finishes are a common problem when it comes to deeper shades, as brands often don’t take into consideration how deeper skin tones have varying undertones that go from green to red. In other words: the

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