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Relationship Social Media Friendship Trust Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
Relationship Social Media Friendship Trust Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

Instagram's Green Circle Vs Your Friendship

When a simple ‘green circle’ on Instagram can shift friendship dynamics, how will your BFFs go the distance?

Growing up, you could be instant friends with someone just by having the same name. As adults, it’s so much more that it can resemble a relationship. Clinical psychiatrist Sarah Zehan described friendship as “a bond based on trust, co-operation (give and take), and love”. So much of ourselves are invested in friendships, and it can be made complicated by social media. CLEO investigates the murky territory of green circle envy, Insta-FOMO and how to influence each other


Social media can be great for friendships and adult connections. Sarah agrees, “It can spark something through mutual interest, reconnect old friendships, and help us maintain them by being able to check on our friends and keep ourselves updated with what’s happening in their lives.” Even when you’re too busy with life, your BFFs will always be there.

But this can also cut the other way. “Because we’re always updated on what our friends are doing, we make less effort to actually check up on them,” Sarah said. Sometimes, there will be lost connections and ultimately, you guys drift apart.

“There have been many published studies that found that people who spend more time on social media are more lonely, suggesting a lack of quality interaction,” Sarah continued. An Insta “like” is not the same as the good old, “Hey, how are you?”.

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