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Skincare Probiotic Bacteria Supplement Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
Skincare Probiotic Bacteria Supplement Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

Is Probiotic Skincare The Answer To All Our Skin Troubles?

Is probiotic skincare the answer to all our skin troubles? #TeamCLEO finds out from the expert.

Medina Azaldin

Time to stock your top shelf with bacteria! Sorry if that doesn’t sound as appealing as 24K gold, but good bacteria a.k.a probiotics are huge in skincare RN. Regularly consuming probiotics from supplements or fermented foods will sort out gut related issues but new evidence supports the use of pro and prebiotics to treat and prevent atopic dermatitis and acne, says Dr. Irene Lee, Consultant Dermatologist at Pantai Hospital.


Yes! At least, the friendly ones. “Probiotics are live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit to the host,” explained Dr. Irene. “Prebiotics are non-digestible oligosaccharides, which selectively stimulate the growth of probiotics, thus producing a probiotic effect.” Ingesting probiotics can do wonders for your gut, which in turn affects the complexion. “Probiotics are believed to correct or improve gut microfloral imbalance thus restoring normal gut permeability, improving the immune system, and reducing gut inflammation,” said Dr. Irene. Those with acne might see an improvement too. “Probiotics act by correcting intestinal microflora imbalance, hence decreasing the body inflammation that plays a part in acne formation. It’s also been shown to regulate the hormonal sensitivity involved in the role of high glycaemic food in acne.”


“Like oral

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