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Social Media Data Privacy Cyber Security Digital Detox Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
Social Media Data Privacy Cyber Security Digital Detox Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

Should You Post That?

Honestly, for the sake of your privacy, the answer is ”nah”, because this is how that huge privacy leak affects you.

Jessica Nair ‚Äč

Let ’s face it , social media is a huge part of our lives. How long ago has it been since your last #DigitalDetox? Whether it ’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, we are all willingly sharing our information with the world and these ‘trusted’ sites on a daily basis. It seems all fine and dandy — until the recent Cambridge Analytica and Facebook brouhaha. In case you lost interest the moment you knew this scandal a.k.a. the biggest PR crisis Facebook has faced, ever, in a nutshell: Facebook inadvertently gave access to 87 million profiles and all their data to political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica. It was also said that the insane amount of data was then used to boost the accuracy of targeted Facebook ads during Trump’s presidential campaign, but let ’s not open that can of worms. Here’s the lowdown and what you can do to protect your internet identity.


While Facebook on its own didn’t expose the data of its 87 million users, it surely played a huge part in it. It was ultimately the change in Facebook’s 2015 API (Application Update Policy) that started this mess. That tiny change then allowed app developers to collect not just your data but also of your friend’s.

And we are not talking about data that just covers their age and name, but also their interests, status updates and location check-ins. So yes, think wisely before you hit ‘

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