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Squad Goals Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia
Squad Goals Image Credit: CLEO Malaysia

Squad = Goals

There’s a reason why there’s a rise in the #GirlSquad — science says your friends are the new family.

Answer these simple questions: When you get a promotion at work, who do you call? When it’s vacay time, who do you go with? Faced with a major life dilemma, who do you ask for advice? Surveys show we spend, on average, 10 hours more each week with our pals than we do our fam, and that more than two-thirds of us will turn to our peers for advice. “Friendship groups and networks of friends are weirdly easy to overlook in terms of the importance of them in your life,” explains Ethan Watters, author of ’Urban Tribes: A Generation Redefines Friendship, Family and Commitment’.


So how exactly is your Urban Tribe (read: #Squad) different from family? “You can look at the things a family did before,” says Ethan. “In particular, mate selection. These days, when you hit your twenties, nobody really seeks their parents’ okay on who to date — but you look to your group of friends.” The truth is, when it comes to things like boyfriends, your friends are probably more aware of your needs. “Often your friends can see issues in a person in a way that you, swept up in a romantic frenzy, might not,” says Ethan.


While you can’t pick your relatives, you can’t really pick your friends either. “At times, there are people in these groups who you really wouldn’t be friends&nbs

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