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art from the heart Image Credit: Business India
art from the heart Image Credit: Business India

Art From The Heart

Astaguru completes 10 years of auctioning

Bertie D'souza

Art’s quintessential capacity to inspire and evoke one’s emotions is the reason why i love and connect with art. rather than a particular movement, the constant evolutionary pattern of our species which gets projected through art is what inspires me and makes me believe in the importance of art,” says tushar sethi, ceo of Kala ghoda, mumbai-based, online auction house astaguru. sethi is a business finance major from regents Business school in london, sethi’s father, Vickram sethi has been an art collector since the 80s and art, therefore became an integral part of his awareness since childhood. apart from the exposure to artworks he has had many interactions with eminent artists and got further involved in the world of art.

In 2005 he conceived and executed the arts trust, an art market knowledge-base portal which aims to bring about transparency with regards to the indian art market based on research and data. it also features news about current & future trends and articles written by international art collectors and curators. the subsequent step was to set up an art gallery, which took shape in 2007. sethi founded the institute of contemporary indian art in Kala ghoda, which curates shows featuring works of modernists and contemporary artists.

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