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Buon Appetito Image Credit: Business India
Buon Appetito Image Credit: Business India

Buon Appetito!

Indians love carbs; well, most of us do. Pasta as an alternative staple to chapatti and rice has become par for the course.

Bertie D'souza 

In fact, Italians would shudder at the extent to which our kitchens have localised their prized pasta and pizza. Moving beyond these classic favourites, Olio, the chic Italian restaurant at Novotel, Juhu Beach, Mumbai, has launched a new and slightly more authentic Italian menu.

Olio celebrates the main ingredient in all Italian dishes - oil - in its name. It presents a refreshing gourmet experience with interactive open kitchens and wood fired ovens. The all-new a la carte menu promises a party in your mouth. Strap yourself for a gastronomical journey of exquisite delicacies paired with an array of fine wine in association 114r  with Reveilo Wines. From scrumptious appetisers like Focaccia, Olio De Caesare, Cozze Al Forno and Capsesante; to avant-garde additions like Ravioli Ricotta Spinachi, Linguine Pescatora, open-face Lasagna, Angello Al Balsamico, true flavours emerge from traditional cooking techniques. 

Surprise and delight

My favourites were Creme de Fungi (smooth mushroom soup), Pollo Tres Senape (chicken in three types of mustards), pickled watermelon with argula & feta, open face chicken lasagna, rack of lamb and salmon... And not to hands-on chef forget Italian Smooch -a lime/ginger ale with a dash of Pepsi. Executive Chef Kailash Gundupalli uses conventional Italian spices intermingled with handpicked regional herbs, sauces and seasonings. "As a chef, I strongly believe that restaurant menus should constantly change and evolve to keep patrons coming back for dishes that both delight and surprise them," says Gundupalli.

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