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Future Mobility Image Credit: Business India
Future Mobility Image Credit: Business India

Future Mobility

ZF Friedrichshafen AG, a global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology, has set up its first India technology centre (ITC) in Hyderabad.


It will foster high end innovations which will focus on bringing advanced technology to India as well as localising more strategic business activities, including research, design and development, for global market initiatives. India has one of the finest academic research communities as well as an increasingly recognised talent pool for global development projects and ZF aims to leverage this and increase its presence here through an investment of €15 million in the ITC over the next five years. ZF’s is the first technology centre in India to drive global development of futuristic automotive technology.

“we are seeing a significant change in the automotive industry, change in mobility, and as an engineer-based company, the change is a challenge for us. Changes also on global warming and fuel efficiency give us a great opportunity to contribute. We are also working on three areas of safety – car safety, road safety and driver safety,” says Stefan Sommer, CEO, ZF.

The ITC will be dedicated to electronics, embedded software and mechanical engineering. It will support ZF’s global development teams while enabling the company to accelerate local product development supporting ZF’s automotive and non-automotive operations and customers in India. The company intends to harness the skill set present in the country today to develop world class technology solutions for ZF across the globe, in addition to accelerating local pro

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