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The Ray Brightens Image Credit: Business India
The Ray Brightens Image Credit: Business India

The Ray Brightens

The new global buzzword is renewable energy, with solar being the most sought-after new vertical selected to be harnessed.

Ritwik Sinha

The journey of the sun’s ray which takes about eight minutes to hit the surface of the earth never seems to have been looked upon with so much reverence as now. And it is not restricted to any specific society or nation because the new Surya Namaskar the world is indulging in is creating no divide on any ground. Rather, it is evolving as a global phenomenon adding more zealots to its fold with each passing month, as the conventional sources of energy – be they coal, oil or natural gas (post-industrial revolution offshoots in the concluding part of the medieval period) – are inching close to their expiry date.

Solar energy today stands in the middle of what the world had agreed to achieve, when 195 countries had signed the Paris climate agreement under the aegis of the united nations framework convention on climate change (UNFCC) in late 2015 (India too is a signatory), promising to make the world a better place to live, with more emphasis on green initiatives. The pact ratified over one decade of serious efforts of some countries like the us, Germany and china to create a viable base for non-thermal sources.

As a means to secure the future energy demand, the new global buzzword is clearly renewable energy, with wind, solar and bio-mass being the new verticals selected to be harnessed. And, here, solar is emerging as the most formidable pillar, something which India is promising to deliver big time. With about 300 days o

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