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Out of The Ordinary Image Credit: Business India
Out of The Ordinary Image Credit: Business India

Out of The Ordinary

Amidst the mayhem of Brexit, Trump and demonetisation, Business India brought together industry czars from across the country to select the Businessman of the Year 2016.

Varsha Meghani

Instituted 34 years ago, the award honours an entrepreneur for demonstrating exemplary business achievement over the past year. Was the entrepreneur a visionary? Had he built a business with a solid foundation and clear growth objectives? Was he unafraid to take big, bold decisions? Had he achieved resounding financial success? Did he wield industry influence or have an impact, nationally? Did he demonstrate leadership qualities? Did he have the ability to inspire and motivate? And most importantly, did he deliver results? To discuss all of this and more, a panel of accomplished executives gathered at the Oberoi hotel in south Mumbai.

Since 1982, when ITC’s Ajit Haskar was adjudged business India’s first ever businessman of the year, we have carried on this tradition year after exciting year. The award holds a nostalgic charm for most of India Inc’s leaders, who have, in a sense, grown up with the magazine. Over time, the environment has changed, technologies have changed and even businesses themselves have evolved, but business India has continued to select its businessman of the year in the same spirit, upholding the highest standards of fairness and transparency.

This year, our panel was chaired by Ashwin Dani, vice-chairman, Asian paints, who was named the businessman of the year in 2015.

As per tradition, the immediate past winner of the award is tasked with chairing the panel. Dani led a jury of eminent panelists, drawn f

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