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Unsung Symphonies Image Credit: Better Photography
Unsung Symphonies Image Credit: Better Photography

Unsung Symphonies

Conchita Fernandes uncovers the impetus that drives Atul Hundoos deference towards objects that are seldom noticed.

Much of our life is spent in a repetitive rhythmic circle. After all, we are creatures of habit, and prefer a certain order to our routine, even if it is a haphazard one. But the thing about having a routine is that our existence becomes predictable. It’s almost as if we have blinkers on, and all we care about is getting the job done and moving on to the next one. Even the things that we do as part of this routine, and because we’ve been doing it continuously, feels mechanical. How much of what we do are we able to absorb?

What we don’t think about enough is how our everyday experiences, even the less glamorous ones, can become doorways to new thoughts and inspirations. That’s the feeling you get when you look at Atul Hundoo’s photographs. There’s a certain admiration that envelopes you for the things he has noticed, as well as a certain amazement at having discovered beauty in the most unlikely of places.

A Career in Photojournalism

Atul’s engagement with photography began early in his life. “I still remember the joy on our faces, as kids, when my father would take us to get our annual family photo made. I also fondly remember family vacations, and all the pictures that were shot then. This is where I developed a love

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